As a young person, the world can feel like it’s constantly fighting you but in reality, you are trying to come into your own. From skin problems to peer pressure, everyday can feel like a battle but getting through your teen years is something everyone has to do. Your personal strength and confidence is what will get you through to adulthood and a whole new set of problems but getting through your teen years doesn’t have to feel tortuous. One of the biggest problems for teens is their body image and acne doesn’t help with that. In fact, it can create many problems for a teen that has acne as their self-esteem plummets and they want to hide out in their rooms rather be social with friends and family due to their skin problems. Don’t suffer or let your teen suffer with this treatable problem.

The Teen years and Acne
There are various types of acne that can plague a young person, from the deep cysts to a whitehead or blackhead, the problem is still obvious and needs to be fixed. If you have these problems or have someone in your life with acne, you know how hurtful it can be to have people notice your skin first, rather than your personality or other positive trait in you. Acne in teens can be caused by a variety of things but the two most common are hormones and genetics. If your immediate family members have acne or suffered with it, you will likely have the same problems. The periodic breakouts can be fixed with the right topical creams and proper cleansing but the deep cystic acne may need more intense therapies.

Skin Care Routine for Teens
Young girls are more likely to spend time on their skin care routine and can sometimes have a better experience with a 2-3 step routine but young men are less likely to put in the effort. This is why teen boys can sometimes have more acne and scarring than girls. Not in all cases but boys will prefer a simple, one step routine to clear their skin but it may not be as effective. If you are a teen boy, remember that this is a stage that will pass and it is worth the time and effort for your skin to be clear, avoid future scarring, and to improve your self-esteem.